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✔️ equality   ✔️  honesty  ✔️ sustainability   ✔️ empathy   ✔️ respect

What we do

With Happy Jona we want to make it easier for parents to contribute to a healthy self-esteem of their children so that they can use their full potential and build a happy life.

How ❓

we elucidate

  • on the impact of imposed roles and stereotypes on children in particular
  • and about the positive effects of a free development
  • based on scientific studies, reports and statistics

we help

  • at Happy Jona you will only find toys, clothes, books and apps for children, which we have preselected based on the Happy Jona values: equality, sustainability, honesty, self-esteem, respect

✅ we give tips

  • of course, we’re not leaving you with mere facts. From the knowledge we have gained, we prepare tips and information material for you on how you can do things better.

✅ we sensitize

  • parents‘ self-reflection is the best way to recognize their own prejudices and break the cycle.

Made with love for you to read

While we emphasize gender equality in professional life, we create an enormous division among children between a pink and a blue world. Toys with scientific background are three times more likely to be marketed as boys‘ toys. Inscriptions on girls‘ shirts refer by a multiple more likely to outward appearances and on boys‘ to abilities.

In fact, girls and boys hardly differ before puberty. There is no difference in muscle building and colour preferences are not congenital. In the Roman Empire, blue was still regarded as the colour of the girl and pink as the colour of the boy.

With our established stereotypes, we not only assign roles to children, we evaluate the sexes differently and prevent them from building a healthy self-esteem.

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