About Happy Jona

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Our vision

Our vision drives us:

A happier society that unfolds its true potential.

Our values are #equality, #honesty, #sustainability, #empathy and #respect. We help parents who share our vision to communicate these values to their children.

Our goal is that children …

  • develop free from stereotypical expectations of their environment and according to their true strengths and weaknesses
  • build high self-esteem and learn honest self-reflection
  • can show emotions and learn how to deal with them
  • learn to love one’s neighbor and appreciate differences without prejudice

Content on happyjona.com

You can get a quick overview of topics such as equality, respect and self-esteem on our „tips“ pages. They contain the most important information in a nutshell, including recommendations for use in your parenting.

We recommend that you study stereotypes and self-esteem more thoroughly. Stereotypes are very persistent and parents unconsciously restrict their children in their development. Only a deep engagement with the topic and with oneself promises a sustainable improvement.

The biggest issue we encounter in this context is gender stereotypes. Happy Jona is concerned with the extent to which children are treated according to gender beyond their biological differences and what effects this has on them, on our society and on the economy. In addition, we provide food for thought and alternatives for parents and educators.

Contents in the future

We will continue to develop our topics around the 3 main pillars:

  • stereotypes
  • free development of children
  • balance in life

Happy parents raise happy children. It is therefore part of parent´s job to take care of their own well-being. Happy Jona is about values and a holistic lifestyle.

The Happy Jona Shop

Products you can find at Happy Jona are:

  • free from stereotypes
  • sustainably
  • conducive to a free education/development

We are currently running and building an affiliate shop. This means that we recommend products from other companies to our users and receive a commission depending on the purchase value in the case of a purchase. Our users do not pay any more and save the time and effort of their own research for children’s products that promote free development.

A distinctive feature of the Happy Jona shop is the way we categorize our products. You would look in vain for a differentiation by sex in the Happy Jona Shop. Instead, we encourage parents to make very conscious purchasing decisions by making products searchable by purpose.

The future of Happy Jona

Our goal is for parents to find products for their children in all areas that convey our values. According to a Happy Jona survey, parents see the greatest need to pay more attention to values in the areas of films and series, leisure activities, online games, children’s toys and clothing. In some areas there is already an offer, but the products are going under in the mainstream. This is where we help parents the most with our affiliate shop. In other areas there is actually catching up to be done, which nobody cares about yet. Here we would like to start and develop own products – which please parents as well as children.

We look forward to the long way ahead! 😁

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